The average soccer team has about ten to fifteen players and we understand that every child is unique and requires a different program customized for their individual needs.

We find it extremely important that young players take opportunities to practice their technical skills and improve their mobility when not practicing with their teams. Elite Soccer PK offers personal 1on1 and small group training sessions. Here your child’s skill level will be evaluated and a program built to meet both his or her short term and long-term goals.

1 Player



$125 per practice

2 Players



$150 per practice
$75/Session per player

3 Players



$175 per practice
$58/Session per player

4 Players



$200 per practice
$50/Session per player


If you have more than 4 players interested in training together as a small private group and need additional information and rates, please contact us by submitting the contact us form.
All practices are structured for a 90mins sessions. However, we can do 60mins sessions upon client’s request. we just need to know ahead of time in order to plan the practice accordingly. * 60mins or 90mins practices are the same price.
When 2+ players, The Client “person in charge” becomes in charge of the group. Client must provide all players. All players MUST have same skill level in order to be trained together. Client is responsible for coordinating with parents the best day and time to run the practice, cancelations, rescheduling, and be the spoke person of the group. Rescheduling/Cancellations must be done 7 days in advance.
Any cancelation must be done at least 7 days in advanced in order for us to reschedule that session using the same credit. Emergencies: We understand things can happen and we are open to reschedule any booked sessions for any unexpected emergency with official proof. In the case of 2+ Player practices, since it’s a group practice; any player who cannot make an specific practice, will lose that practice. No refunds for that day or make up. *Heavy rain and extreme heat will cancel the practice (light rain or under 105 degrees whether are not reasons for cancelation in the SFV).
Coach Christian is always present during training and in charge of Player Development, telling coaches what to do and jumping in when needed. Sometimes he will run part or the entire practice. To request Coach Christian exclusively as the trainer, there will be NO 7-days cancelation, which means: you must commit for all 8 sessions ahead of time and the rate is x2 of regular price (no exceptions).

We require a minimum amount of 8 practices because we are not interested in making a quick buck, but to actually take the time to evaluate the players, make them understand the importance of possessing our 8-core values and work on the four pillars of soccer:

  1. Physical
  2. Technical
  3. Tactical
  4. Psychological.

Player Development if done correctly takes time, there are 3 stages of learning in sport:

  1. Cognitive
  2. Associative
  3. Autonomous

Even though 8 sessions is the minimum we required to start training with us, we recommend a long term commitment to see greater results. We follow the following six stages for our long-term athlete development program players:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Learn to Train
  3. Train to Train
  4. Train to Compete
  5. Train to Win
  6. Active for Life


We are convinced that good players are first and essentially humans that are conscious and in control. Our approach to soccer development is to provide training based on a foundation of core values.

As a contact team sport, collaboration, passion and decision-making are key ingredients in the make-up of the effective soccer player. We emphasize these practical pillars, with special focus on open and efficient communication between players and training staff. We are intentional about ensuring that no one is left behind; observing attentively for signs of withdrawal or self-doubt and efficiently guiding players into a united bond of competitive collaborators.


Our motivation for being involved in soccer training stems from what the sport truly is about: a beautiful, inspiring team sport with the capacity for bringing joy. We know that historically, the best soccer players have primarily one thing in common, i.e. playing to enjoy the game. To that end, we are inspired by a set of core values based on the vital need to make sure everyone who plays does get the best out of it, without taking away from another’s chances at catching their fair share of satisfaction and optimum performance.

Our eight core values, therefore, are rooted in fair competition, satisfaction and collaboration. Though they can be further subdivided into more, these eight, strategically capture what our goals for ourselves and our trainees are about:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Sportsmanship
  • Discipline
  • Communication
  • Leadership

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Dribbling/ball control passing, receving, shooting/striking ad heading


Dribbling/ball control passing, receving, shooting/striking ad heading


Dribbling/ball control passing, receving, shooting/striking ad heading


Dribbling/ball control passing, receving, shooting/striking ad heading


Dribbling/ball control passing, receving, shooting/striking ad heading


Dribbling/ball control passing, receving, shooting/striking ad heading