About Elite Soccer PK

What we do

We follow a method of flexible iterations in determining what works best for each child, by amplifying strengths and opportunities, and designing pathways for converting observed challenges to positive reserves of inspiration.

Our trainers are professionals licensed to provide top-level instruction and direction to players from all backgrounds. These professionals share a common passion for imbuing children and youth players with confidence, strategic and decision making support for optimum performance.

      Our coaches don’t tell; They Show!

As soccer continues to be more popular in the United States, we are well positioned to serve a strategic need. To produce players able to compete to European standards, Elite Soccer PK is bringing on several years of experience to the invaluable cause of providing a sustainable environment for soccer development. Families who want a trustworthy and safe environment for their children’s physical and mental development through soccer can count on our transparent and structured system to respond specifically to their needs.


All Elite Soccer PK Coaches have successfully passed the screening process and are Certified and licensed from The United Soccer Coaches Association. They have completed the USA Soccer’s Coaching Education Program to share the developmentally appropriate techniques and understands the importance of timely, responsive communication.

In addition, their European, Latin America and US soccer experience is a good mix to bring something different to the table of those who considerably want to improve their skills.

Coaches also play a mentorship role for each player, helping them understand the basics and fundamentals of soccer as well as encouraging every single participant to recognize the teamwork value.

Licensed and registered coach with United Soccer Coaches Association


To develop players with technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills in tune with worldclass standards for maximum soccer performance.


To be the leading soccer academy and learning environment for nurturing high-performance soccer players in the United States and North America.


We are convinced that good players are first and essentially humans that are conscious and in control. Our approach to soccer development is to provide training based on a foundation of core values.

Our Core Values

Our motivation for being involved in soccer training stems from what the sport truly is about: a beautiful, inspiring team sport with the capacity for bringing joy. We know that historically, the best soccer players have primarily one thing in common, i.e. playing to enjoy the game. To that end, we are inspired by a set of core values based on the vital need to make sure everyone who plays does get the best out of it, without taking away from another’s chances at catching their fair share of satisfaction and optimum performance.

Our eight core values, therefore, are rooted in fair competition, satisfaction and collaboration. Though they can be further subdivided into more, these eight, strategically capture what our goals for ourselves and our trainees are about.

About the President


Christian Marin Diaz was born and raised in Spain and has been passionate about the sport of soccer since he was five years old. He always played at the highest level of Spain’s youth development program, winning multiple important tournaments and personal awards. At the age of 14, the European professional soccer club of Malaga C.F. recruited Christian. He played for Malaga C.F. for four years prior to immigrating to the United States where he received a full scholarship to California Baptist University.

After a few years as Head Coach of multiple Soccer Clubs in the inland Empire area, Coach Christian had decided to focus more in what he is passionate about; People and Soccer Player development.

Since he created Elite Soccer Personal Training in 2007, Christian has dedicated his life to teaching the sport he loves in 1-on-1 Training and Small Groups Sessions.

After years of developing individual players, Christian has decided to make a bigger impact in American youth soccer by creating Elite Soccer PK; offering 1on1 Personal Training, Small ratio coach vs players Clinics, Summer camps, After School Programs, Team Practices, Birthday Parties and Special events where every player not only learns a European philosophy of the game, but also learns how to be a creative individual within a team setting; learning a set of essential VALUES.