When a soccer ball hits the back of the net, the joy it brings to the goalscorer is quite infectious. Without scoring goals, soccer would not be nearly as fun to play or watch. While it is great to score goals, there is a lot more value a player can offer during a game. Although only one player can kick the ball over the line, a goal is the product of the team’s effort. 

Parents who are new to soccer may worry when they watch other players score, while their child does not. Rest assured, this does not mean the child is struggling or bad at the sport. If it is the child who is troubled about not scoring, then it is the responsibility of the coach and the parent to explain their importance in the team, even if they are not scoring regularly. For example, the child may be in a more defensive position, so their expectation is not to score goals, but to stop the other team from scoring.

In soccer, attacking players are the ones to score the most goals. They are positioned closest to the opponent’s goal, so they are the ones expected to shoot and score. However, attacking players cannot receive the ball in goal scoring positions unless defenders and midfielders pass it to them. Therefore, any player on the field can contribute to a goal by feeding quality passes to their forwards. In the modern era of soccer, the ability to provide an assist, the pass leading to the goal, has become more recognized and appreciated than ever before. 

A lot of people view assists as just as important as scoring goals. Players who are most notable for delivering assists usually have excellent passing and crossing abilities and are praised for their vision and quick thinking. While goalscorers and playmakers help a team score more goals, defenders play the important role of preventing the other team from scoring. Central defenders use their height and strength to neutralize threats posed by attacking players from other teams. Defenders who play out wide are also important parts of the team as they stop crosses from coming into the team’s penalty box. 

Unlike sports like basketball, football, tennis or baseball, it is quite difficult to score many points in soccer. To score against a quality team, a soccer team has to be well structured. All players must know their roles, as well as know their teammates roles. 

Soccer is more than just about scoring goals. When players do their job at a high level, they will receive the attention and respect they deserve.